Lori Wilcox

We were engaged at a critical time to develop a targeted social media campaign to help Lori Wilcox in her race for the State Senate of Illinois’ 40th District.

As always, to execute our campaign strategy, we created highly engaging video and static content to build our ads. We reached our focused target audience quickly and effectively.

60k 12 Days Period
75% Potential Reach 40th District

Project Scope:

  • 1.Campaign Strategy
  • 2.Video Production
  • 3.Photography
  • 4.Communication
  • 5.Prototyping
  • 6.Social Media Advertising

Our goal was to highlight our client’s true values and key differentiators, and tell her story to the pool of potential voters. We believe a human-centric approach drives the best engagement and results.

Lori’s campaign continues to live beyond our scope. It is a testament to personal growth, perseverance and commitment to her community. Stay tuned for more from this incredible leader.