Better You Spas

Better You Spas is a new start-up in the health and wellness space in Chicago that focuses on supporting men and women through their weight loss, fitness and skin care journeys through contrast contouring and HiFU technologies.

Engagement Scope:

  • 1.Branding
  • 2.Web Design
  • 3.Content Creation
  • 4.Marketing Strategy
  • 5.Social Media Advertising

We know that introducing a new brand and a new technology into the market can be challenging. Through competitive and market research, we were able to develop a visual identity that would speak directly to our client's target audience.

The end client is always the hero of the story. Through design and content, we positioned Better You Spas a guide for helping people achieve their physique and wellness goals.

Visit Better You Spas to learn more about their services and amazing testimonials.